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i have a celebrity flaw ... [entries|friends|calendar]
apparently i'm an idiot

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you're fired! [01 Mar 2005|11:00pm]
[ mood | cahrazy ]

leave a comment & i'll add you! ♥
i'm lots of fun, this is just my insane ramblings. :P
i'm a total geek.
and i'd like to keep it to myself - and friends.
♥ ♥ ♥

inside you will find:
that i post ALOT.
i sometimes write long entries.
i am obsessed with Jimmy Fallon.
there are a lot of SNL related posts.

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[24 Jan 2005|06:25pm]
[ mood | memorizin' ]


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with a taste of your lips i'm on a ride. [24 Jan 2005|11:47am]
[ mood | COLDDDD ]


ps. Joey and Dawson totally just HAD SEX!! but i like Pacey better :)

HEY! i think i love youuuuuuuuuuuCollapse )

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Roxanne, you don't have to turn on the red light. [20 Jan 2005|08:37pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

i've got a new layout, and i like it ♥ ^_^ let me know!! i like compliments. and if you have negative comments, kill yourselves :P.

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who's watching me now? the IRA? [19 Jan 2005|10:03pm]
[ mood | eh, in between ]

who'da thought, ugh, we could be lovers?

well, school has started and it's been a worse transition then it was when i first moved in. well, actually that's not true. at least this time i knew everybody and had friends. but it's been very annoying. it's not cool when you have a month off from school and you're at home and you're relaxing, and then you get thrown back into everything so quickly. it's aggrivating. i've been alone alot :( because ashley met ricky davis from the celtics and he's been calling her and her friends to hang out every night. so she's been going to his house the past two nights leaving me alone all night! last night was the worst, i was so god damn bored and it was too cold to go visit somerset so i sulked around all night and watched Chicago and Wet Hot American Summer. still bored me to death.

my classes seem alright. i took an 8:30 world history 2 class because i loved that class in high school, but so far it looks very dissapointing. there's a huge final paper to write, which might be good because it replaces a final, and two group presentations :/. i dono. i might switch out of it if i really don't like the look of it. she put like 6 books to buy but said we'll barely use them, um, i'm not paying $100 for books i'll never use. ugh, books are so fucking expensive. why? i'm not liking work that gets harder and harder. but! this semester seems as though it'll go by fast because january's almost over, we've got a week off in march and we get out in april/early may for finals. so, 3 more months <3 thank god. i'll love a four month summer break. ^_^ but i've got some okay classes, so i shouldn't complain. at least i've got a class with friends! english with mike. ethics with jessica ^_^ yay. and ANGELA! it'll be chemistry all over again! :P. and IS with renee. so it should be a pretty good semester. and work has been okay, the schedule's better.

oh man, i hope the Pats make it to the superbowl! i don't want to get my hopes up, but they're a good team, camman. :P. i love watching the superbowl, it's so much fun. and adam venatari always comes through at the best possible moments! and then, the superbowl parade! always fun! the first time with its freezing cold and us leaving early, haha, but it was still fun, a good memory. and last year was really fun. but stupid mike of attleboro and his cheap thrills :P. but it was fun last year, remember Dan? and the kid that would *not* talk! did he even say one word? ugh, what an ass!

i miss being home :( i miss griffin and my mom and the rest of the family. i miss going to bed / waking up whenever i wanted. and i miss watching tons of sex and the city all day and night! ^_^ and driving around. and just having my time. hmpf. but i'm not going home this weekend, except sunday. and hopefully, it's supposed to snow on sunday night really bad, maybe there'll be no school on monday :D. that'd be wonderous.

okay, now i'm going to go do i don't know what. something.

ps. thanks to Mike i found out there's a terror alert in Boston. i'm hoping it's nothing, but still :/. it's scary. hmpf. i hope it's nothing. it's four Chinese people apparently. i really hope it's nothing.

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they were my sisters... [18 Jan 2005|08:58pm]
i wanna go home. i don't like starting school again. at all! :/

and i want to go to bed, but i've got a stupid floor meeting at 10. why does allan have to make the time so late and GOD DAMN ridiculous!

i can't wait to live at home next semester.

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i don't like the Russian [16 Jan 2005|03:23pm]
[ mood | whatev ]

i know that you are leaving, but i refuse to let you go.

christmas break is ovah. it was fun. i did a whole lot of nothin. i watched tons of sex and the city. i killed people. the usual. :P

i miss being in disney world. i miss the sunshine *since i've been back, it was sunny for a total of 4 hours? yesterday, possibly* i miss the warmth and the fun stuff!! ah, oh well. that was so yesterday! but i am definitely ready for spring.

i dyed my hair red. and i would usually post a picture but i lost my digital camera, and usually i just overreact but i really have looked everywhere :(. man oh man. but i actually like it alot. the hair, not the fact that i lost my cam.

i packed in all of four minutes today. it was great. i was expecting to have tons and tons of bags, but i don't really. i only have a trash bag full of clothes, a beach bag and my sleepover bag. so i'm all good! then renee and i have to go food shopping, etc. and i've got to buy my books, i've completely forgot about that part. ugh. going back to school is annoying. but i'm kind of sick of being home and of being bored, i'm ready to have something to occupy my time. and i'm going to try to ignore aim a lot more. ha, let's see that work out.

today as soon as i woke up jess called me. thank god she didn't wake me, i'd kill her! but we went to the Revere flea market, but it wasn't there. that was weird. so we decided to check out the Everett one. yeah - don't ever do that. it was in the skeeviest location and the flea market was located inside. it smelled like fried dough, but there was no fried dough present. is it a staple that all flea markets have to smell like fried dough? because they all do. and they had nothing, it was all a bunch of crap. idk what i expected? but jess wanted a fake bag, and they didn't have em. but they did have newspaper clippings from the kennedy assasination. and $10 pornos!! yeah, i picked up a couple of those.

back to sex and the city, two episodes left *which are the last episodes of the series, and Big's back!!* :P, i love that episode. and then i've got to go to targs. because target and i are having an affair.

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[13 Jan 2005|11:23am]
[ mood | hello. ]

well, i'm back. i spent the last five days in disney world and it was absolutely great :P. the weather was in the 80's during the day, always sunny, 60's at night. it was perfect, i loved it. also, it wasn't humid! that was the best part. another one of the best parts was the fact that the longest i ever had to wait in line for a ride was 30 minutes, ONCE. the rest of the lines were 5-15 minutes long. it was awesome. and my hotel was awesome, i'm going to drop off my camera in a few minutes and get my pictures so i can show you how awesome it was! <3

ok, if you've never been to disney world, this paragraph is going to be a bunch of rambling to you. but if you have been, you can understand! i literally walked onto Splash Mountain 3 times, but at that same exact time the line for the Peter Pan Ride was 45 minutes? i thought that was crazy! and we also walked right on to Space Mountain. it was awesome. although there did tend to be more children there, so it's understandable why the kiddie lines were long. oh well ^_^. but we actually had to get fastpasses for Peter Pan and then rode Space / Splash Mountain while we waited, that's crazy talk. we also went on new things. The Jungle Cruise, it sucked. Mickey's Philharmagic, it was so good! Magic Carpets of Aladdin, it was just like Dumbo but played Aladdin music and it was a magic carpet, so it was better :P. Stitch's Great Escape, it's just like Alien Encounter except with Stitch, and it's not that bad, but boring. Ellen's Universe of Energy, i loved it! Ellen is so funny :P. we saw Wishes, the fireworks at Magic Kingdom, and they were really pretty, much better than the show MK had before. we also ate at O'hana, and it was so good. omg, it was so good ^_^. and at the end of the meal they give you pineapples and caramel sauce, it was good.

favorite rides: ^_^ 

1. Rock'n Roller Coaster. *it played Love in an Elevator twice, but then it played Rag Doll and I was so excited!*
2. Tower of Terror. *it got so much better. the drops are different every time, and it was so awesome. one time, it went up first before going down and then yeah, it was so fun.*
3. Space Mountain. *i've decided the left side is the better side.*
4. Great Movie Ride. *i want to work there someday.*
5. Mission: Space.  though it's not the same without COMMANDER KATHY.

all in all, it was a very good time. the weather was amazing. and i'm not liking the weather right now V_V. the pictures don't come back until the 16th :(. and i'm pissed that i lost my digital camera. ugh, i need to get a new one if the other one doesn't turn up.

in other news, i believe Mable has retired. she's not running horribly, but it's still a piece of shit. it stalls a lot, and starts right back up, but still. it didn't do it today, but it was still shaky. and my dad wants to get rid of it and switch the plates onto the Mercades. but really, the Mercades *sounds* like a piece of shit. it sounds like a fucking tank. and it takes diezel. :/ ugh, at least i'll be living in boston for the next few months and don't need to deal with this. i need to make a lot of money and actually get good cars for this family.

and renee, i totally think your idea is good for the money we will be making ^_^ we're going to be awesome. everybody will love us, oh snap!

it's back to school on monday. and i'm looking forward to it in a way. and now i think i'm all set. goodbye.

EDIT: I HAVE TO ADD MY WEIRD DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, in disney i had like 129819482948139 crazy dreams (i.e: HUGE crackers as crutches, all my friends ditching me *which happened every night, including last night, it's weird*) but last night topped them. i was going back to my dorm with ashley, and we walk into this room that's ALL white and has three beds and i was like "are you sure this is both of our rooms?" *which idk why bc there was 3 beds!* and it turned out that we were still roomates but had seperate rooms with a connecting door. it was so weird. and my room was all white, and the beds were on the floor. it was kind of like a padded cell :P. haha. and then i was at this party thing and i ended up hanging out with arleigh (?) and Jon Stewart!! JON STEWART??? and he had his shirt off! and we were making fun of this guy who was watching porn. and then i kissed Jon Stewart's chest, lol, and we kissed and stuff and we were holding hands all night. it was so fucking weird. i think i had a mild sex dream, lol. except the only thing i did was kiss his chest. but there was porn on! RANDOM. i don't even know what that could possibly mean! hahahahaha.

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no sleep, no good! [08 Jan 2005|03:39am]
[ mood | 1/2 excited ]

what's the deal-io?

tonight was actually a very, very good night! it all started with kathy and savage comin' over and we watched toy story! crazy Sid, he's an evil youngin. and i was half-expecting to go to bed early. but y'kno. i didn't care. so we looked up words on urbandictionary.com, and had a helluvah time. we discovered the meaning for the word milkshake:

* milkshake means eating too many brownies then jumping up and down four times so you can feel them in your stomach. *

hahaha. so everybody hold your beef curtains, because your in for a crazy ride. literally.

so we go and pick up janine around 1030. and then began the adventure, literally, to friendly's to meet jess. first i decide to be dumb and go the backway instead of route one, while driving kathy's car, haha. so i hit every god damn red light there is. i wanted to punch the red lights out. and then i hit a pothole, and when kathy's car hits a pothole, it stops. so we slow down and the car stops. so she has to get out and fix it so i can start the car back up again. oh god. and then, a limo is pulling out so i have to wait a few SECONDS! but jess had been waiting a while at that point. haha. finally, we got there in one piece. except janine, who now has a beautiful scratch on her face! ^_^ i love you.

we go home, after a sandraDonnely sighting! =P you guys embarassed me! i always need to look good in front of her and you ruined it! there was some talk of my wedding song being "sandstorm" and also savage and i were doing some crazy dance moves, and Taebo. it was hot! <3 and then we found jess and chased her, and also hit her. and laughed at it, when there was a horrible car accident in front of us and we didn't pay attention. so we nearly killed ourselves stocking jess, but she eventually got away. damn whore! then we found a cone and CONED dascoli's ass! oh yeah! hahaha, post man. what a fool.

so i got home at 1am, went straight to bed to sleep for three hours. couldn't sleep. now it's 3:35 and i'm leaving for the airport in an hour! i haven't slept all night, so later on, after walking through the parks and stuff, i'm going to be DEAD.

anyways. time to get ready for disney world! mmm, 70-80 degree weather here i come<3 all my friends at home, enjoy your snowstorm! ^_^ and think of me, often! i'll buy you guys some pens! and feel free to call me, the cell phone will be on. and renee, hope you had fun in LA, and i hope you remembered to take pictures of hot celebrities if you spotted any in the celebrity zoo. :P

BYE GUYS. i'll miss you <3 :(. see you wednesday. don't eat too many brownies and do a milkshake! but DO meet me down at the big yellow joint. MUAH ^_^

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[07 Jan 2005|07:16pm]
[ mood | upset ]

ugh. today has been such an ick day. i couldn't fall asleep last night at all because i had so much shit on my mind. and i was worried about telling my father about disney world because my mom told him, but my sister and i said nothing about it. but we put it off too long, considering we're going tomorrow. ugh, i dono. but i guess he's really pissed about it because he told my mom he wouldn't feed the dog because he's going away. um, ok? and then when betsy and i went to her work, he came home and was yelling and swearing at her. i'm so fucking sick of this. he can go out and buy a condo and a flower shop and then he says to my mom that she shouldn't go to disney because of money. whatever. i'm so sick of dealing with this fucking shit. he's acting like a child, and i'm actually scared of him. god, that's healthy. ugh. idono what we're going to do. i dono if we're going to go. i dono if i want to go anymore.

blahCollapse )

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I like you. [06 Jan 2005|11:15am]
[ mood | crunk & bows ]

ellen really is my favorite talk-show. and conan is my favorite night host. <3

and people are really retarded and oblivious and don't know when to shut the fuck up. oh man.

PLUS. i had a weird dream, and it was really bad. but i did get a cute purse in the dream. and i washed my hair in a sink at bath&body? that was weird.

it's a snow day today .. which sucks because no tattoo's. but it's okay, because in two days, i'll be in florida! :)

think think about what you're trying to do to meCollapse )

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YEAH YEAH YEAH [04 Jan 2005|02:01pm]
[ mood | this face is weird ]

can i get a hell yeah?

so yesterday was quite a day. i woke up! yes, i did. and then i went out for a drive because i was bored and it's fun to do. and then kathy called, and she told me that Jess was coming out to lunch with me, her, and ash. and i was like, "ok! that's fine" and then Jess invited Nichole and Nich invited Arleigh, so it was very random. not the lunch, just the whole idea. ashley and i were like ok? lol. not like we cared, but it was just funny because the whole thing started out as a lunch between the two of us, and then it turned into a whole group. and it was also odd because we ended up being the last ones there. so it was just really odd, haha. we weren't mad, we were just surprised. but it's okay, because i got to spend time with ashley and it was good.

after lunch i went over savage's and watched napolean dynamite. and despite the fact that there was no plot, and it was kind of dissapointing. actually, it wasn't. because i kind of didn't want to see it that much when it first came out. but yeah, it's basically a movie for me. no plot, funny voices. i'm a sucker for funny voices. and i've been talking in his voice ever since.

Hey Napolean, give me some of your tots.
No! Go find your own tots!
:: kick:: .. GROSS!

aww griffin is so cute <3 he just came up to me and snuggled with me. sure he was trying to get me to pet him, but he's still cute. he was scratching my door for me to open it and let him in this morning, that's the only time he likes me.

i watched all of the first and second seasons of sex and the city, now it's time to go out and buy the 3rd and 4th. woopah. except, Aiden is cute and all, like really cute, but i still like big. so i'm kind of glad they cheat on their spouse/boyfriend with each other :). and yeah, Big is an ass, but Carrie's an idiot around him. she's crazy!Carrie and he's adorable Big :). yeah, that just proves that i'm *not* going to pick the right guy. that i'm going to fall in love with an asshole and stay with him because he's nice on a rare occasion! :P

anyways, i'm out yo! and Janine has the black lung, pop.

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Ellen is my lesbian God. [03 Jan 2005|12:31am]
[ mood | crazygonuts ]

i lost my digi cam. i dono where it is. so i didn't really lose it, i've just misplaced it.
it's gotta be around here somewhere. i'm wondering if i pre-packed it for disney? maybe.

speaking of disney, i'm going in 6 days! ^_^, i'm very excited now.
i wasn't too excited before, because none of my friends are coming,
and it'll just be like, i dono. normal? it's like my second home, so it's nothing different.
but now i don't care, i'm glad to be getting away. :) it shall be fun.

this week seems promising.
tomorrow i'm going out to lunch with ashley and kathy.
i haven't hung out with ashley voluntarily in over a year. so it should be good.
then thursday i'm going to rhode island to get a tattoo.
i'm kind of scared, because i'm not 100% sure of what i want.
and i don't want to do it if i'm not completely sure. hm, but i do want one.
and then saturday is disney. but the thing that sucks is that my flight leaves at 630 am.
so i've got to be up around 4 and at the airport by 5. ew!

i know my layout sucks.
but i'm not doing a better one until i go back to school because then
i have my laptop and i've got my pictures, and photosuite on there.
so i can make a better one. so, be patient young grasshopper.

i'm basically just writing because i'm bored.
i'm going to go play video games, like a real hardcore 18 year old.

(on my momma's couch)

[02 Jan 2005|01:48pm]
gotta have faith in the sound,
it's the one good thing that i've got.

i'm playing around with the layout.
and i didn't like the red from the last entry with the colors.
so yeah. you're cool.


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i HATE freaky friday ... [02 Jan 2005|01:05am]
[ mood | silly. ]

HAPPY NEW YEAR! it's 2005<3 how weird is that?
well on new years eve i went into boston with kathy around 10 and it wasn't that crowded.
i mean it was, but it didn't get in our way because it was in one crowd.
we went to friday's, celebrated with some shirley temples, WOO.
and then left right after the bell dropped and were home by 1ish.
i spent new years day sleeping and being annoyed by my father.
i was feeling nostalgic so i actually pulled out an old bsb tape and watched some of it :P
and i enjoyed it. they're adorable.
then i picked up janine and we got some kelly's.
and then randomly jess called and told us to come over, so we did.
and it was a good time, we watched some snl and that's always great.
and i got home around 12ish.
and now here i am.
i made some resolutions.
one of them is to stop hating people so much, or at least give them a chance.
and that excludes lindsay lohan, because nothing will stop me from hating her.
[[ ps. loving the fact that her purse was found with tons of cocaine, and whether it's true or not, i love the rumor. and how else did she get so disgustingly thin? cocaine! ]]
that leads to my next resolution,
do some coke & lose weight the lindsay lohan way. :P
i made tons of resolutions, and hopefully i'll stick to them :) oh hell yes.
oh yeah, and i want to do something spontaneous.
and what better way to be spontaneous then PLAN a trip? haha.
well, i want to go to georgia in march for spring break and give a.walt a surprise.
it's an 18 hour drive, and it would be so fun if we did it,
i'm so tired.

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and another year is done. [31 Dec 2004|06:22pm]
[ mood | thinking. . ]

happy new years everyone! it's so weird, this year is like completely different from last, and every other year. but i really did enjoy it so much better than 2003. i don't know what i would have done if i lived my life the way i did in 2003. yuck. anyways.

survey to complete my year of surveysCollapse )

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pirates arrrr cute. [31 Dec 2004|02:37am]
[ mood | yawn. ]

i've officially decided that being 18 has totally lost its appeal. i'm done with it. i'm ready to move on. i wish that i could just go from 18 to 21. is that possible? because i wish it was. i don't understand why the drinking age in america is 21. i just don't get it. you know why? i think it's 21 because it only makes sense for it to be 18, and this country isn't too big on "making sense". no, not at all. but my theory is that you can act like a kid, and a stupid teenager until you're 18. then things are expected from you. so you're an adult, act like one. it's like, "We gave you your license two years ago, enjoy that for another few years." it's a very awkward few years. i'm speaking of wishing i were older as i watch garfield and friends on toon disney. but oh well, seriously. i hate how i live in boston, and yet i cannot do much on new years eve because i'm not old enough yet. i can go to a bar, but i can't drink. it's like new years eve is the biggest holiday for drinkers (besides spring break - because according to AD that's a holiday! :P), and we get to sit around and do not much of anything because it's a big party for the real adults. i mean of course i can go to a party, or just drink with my friends. but that's not the same as having a night out. y'kno? hm. i wanna make a night out in boston for under 21 year olds. we can do it! and it's also not cool that you can't rent a car until you're 22? where did 22 come from? i have no clue. the laws in this country. some of them are just, so fucked.

it's not just drinking. i'm tired of being a teenager. i'm tired of dealing with teenage problems. i feel like i'm too good for it :P. everyone, all together now, let's move away from all the drama! i'm down.

i went to urban outfitters today. they didn't have the purse that i wanted! argh. but i did find out that i love that store and despite it's cost, it's still really cute. and i'm going on a diet starting new years day, and i better stick to it. i'm really serious about it this year. so yeah. :P. it's almost 3 o'clock, happy new years eve.

things you should ALL buy me!!Collapse )

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some say i'm crazy.. [29 Dec 2004|02:48pm]
[ mood | joyful joyful ]

i love buying makeup. i wish i got a filene's gift certificate though because i love Benefit's makeup and i want to buy everything! i want to get their mascara though because it's supposed to be really awesome<3 i love it. anyways .. i filled out a survey last night while watching sister act II <3 i love that movie, i got chills when the kid was singing "oh happy day" and when rita sang "joyful joyful" - even though we play the music like every day anyways :P


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HAPPY CHRISTMAS... [25 Dec 2004|04:27pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

merry christmas everyone <3 :P

well, i was expecting today to suck. and it really hasn't. it's definitely not the same. i wish there were a few barbies underneath the tree, haha - but all in all i'm satisfied. santa got me an outfit that consists of a hoodie and sweatpants and two shirts, and a gift card to targs<3. i know that's not a lot, but we are going to disneyworld in two weeks! i kinda completely forgot about it, haha. and i wasn't that excited .. but now i am. it'll be good to get away. my dad, which kinda goes under the category of santa .. but anyways, he got me a gold chain and a gift certificate to best buy. oh and a $250 gift certificate to the galleria mall. geezus! i don't even kno what to do with that! and betsy got me a tiffany's bracelet. the heart one. i like it alot! and ... PHOTO SHOP!!! well, it's Roxio Photosuite and it's soo cool :P i love it. i'm such a geek. i get more excited over computer stuff then a gorgeous, expensive bracelet :P. she also got me a gift certificate to best buy. oh! and sex and the city the second season, which i also bought for her. so how wonderous! lol.

ok, so how much electronic stuff do i need? omg. i should buy one of those printers for digital cameras! yes! and i'll buy some movies. which one's? and i don't even know what cd's i could buy. maybe i'll stock up on blank cd's, and get some blank dvd's because i have a dvd burner. but then i could just copy dvd's from other people. oh, the illegal videotaping that suffolk's theatre department has taught me!

all i know is that i'm getting this bag and these shoes<3

and maybe i'll buy something completely impractical that i'll only wear once! that's one of my new years resolutions, to splurge! haha, it's going to a very selfish 2005. :). i've already made a list of resolutions!

ok, well it's time to finish off all of the vegetables that i don't eat for the dinner. :P who wants to come over for some stuffin muffins? they're so cool! too bad i don't like stuffing. and kathy wanted to come over later to eat one, but we put onions in them :( i feel bad. anyways, have a wicked awesome christmas yo!

ps. i'm scared, i'm having really bad heart pains right now ... :/

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FUCK YOU FOR FUCKING UP MY GAME! [23 Dec 2004|02:12pm]
[ mood | cold, no heat. ]

i love the inferno! <3 and real world, road rules challenges. but not the recent one, it kinda sucks!!


2004 surveyCollapse )

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